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We want you to feel supported and will do as much as we can to guide you through every step of the way from helpful documents to your own personal mentor. GARR membership is one of the most valuable investments you can make for your organization.

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A GARR Operator is:

1. Ethical
2. Informed
3. Transparent
4. Passionate


A Snapshot to GARR Membership

Fill out the GARR Inquiry Today... then:

  • Check your email! It contains a helpful list of FAQs and links.

  • From here you'll receive a phone call from a GARR representative to help you with your first steps

  • You will be assigned a mentor who will help you all along the way

  • Research and attend Continuing Education at various GARR member meetings (2018 class calendar)

  • Next up, you'll submit your official GARR application and pay your application fee

  • Your Mentor will help you prep for your upcoming Site Survey (You can potentially arrange a pre-survey meeting with your mentor)

  • Scheduled Site Survey

  • Receive GARR Certification

  • Grow in your engagement with the community and always strive to provide...