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Angel House of Georgia was founded in 2011...

Program founder and director Angela English had a background in business not drug addiction treatment, but she perceived a dire need in the community for a women's treatment program. Rather than expecting someone else to address this void, Ms. English set out to launch what would become Angel House. She rented a local home, hired a substance abuse counselor and brought a clinical director on board to offer assistance in the direction and running of the program. 

The disease of addiction is painful and often deadly. Our goal is to provide these women with a second chance at life so that they may become productive members of society. Our greatest goal is to give the community back its’ daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends. At Angel House, the women become active in the lives of their families again. Women who struggle with addiction often battle a variety of other issues that have negatively impacted their life and in order to achieve long-term recovery, these must be addressed. 

The program has continued to grow and expand in the six years since it first opened. In January 2015, Angel House acquired an apartment building in Gainesville. This building is being used as transitional housing for women who are in the process of completing the program, or those that have already completed the program, but do not have a safe environment to call home. This has expanded program capacity from the original sixteen residents to thirty-six as of September 2016. This has allowed Angel House to continue their mission of empowering women to move from active alcohol and drug addiction to a life in recovery.

In September 2017, in order to offer more groups and meetings to the residents, they purchased an office building dedicated to just that. 

Angel House is now focusing their efforts to provide Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services to the community. 

“Our greatest goal is to give the community back its daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends...”

— Angela English, Program Founder