What's needed?

Within the Policies and Procedures Manual you should have the following


1.  Admissions Criteria (including any forms that are required to be filled out/signed by the client, what can and cannot be brought to the facility by clients)

2.  Discharges Criteria (the types of discharges and reasons for them plus copies of any forms that need to be filled out /signed by the client)

3.  Program Description, including groups, requirements, treatment protocol, ethics statement.

4.  Schedules posted in common area.

5.  Grievance procedures

6.  Medical Services, if any (including policies on handling medications, getting clients to physicians, dentists, etc., medical emergencies)

7. Environment of Care – Safety (Exit signs, fire extinguishers + signage and log of annual checks, disaster procedures, fire procedures, smoke alarms and log of monthly checks, living quarters checks for neatness, cleanliness, needed repairs

8. Personnel files – including job descriptions of all staff positions, policies on continuing education, licensure, credentials

9. Financial/accounting procedures – types of payments accepted for treatment, handling of client’s personal funds, refund policies

10.  Governance – Board of Directors, Executive Director, Program Director – flow chart of hierarchy

11. Drug free workplace policy posted

12. Client charts/records including weekly progress notes, drug screen results, assessments.