GARR was organized in 1987 by seven residential recovery programs that were seeking to set themselves apart by establishing high quality standards, ethical operating principles and third party oversight. Today, GARR, an affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences, continues to be the advocate and authority (or agent) for quality recovery residences in Georgia.



We believe in the highest quality of care for individuals needing recovery residence services.  We believe that this is achieved through the creation and maintenance of standards as well as education designed for that purpose.  We further believe that all people have the right to recover in an atmosphere conducive to their recovery and supports their basic need for safety, dignity, and respect.

Our on-going commitment is to provide our members with the framework to incorporate these services in all that they do. This is accomplished through standards, advocacy, ethics and education. Furthermore, our pledge to the community is to stand as the model for integrity and competence in our state.