Promise of Hope

Helping men and women to overcome past obstacles, to develop improved relationships, and more importantly to develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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live a life of freedom through faith

An addiction recovery program that works for you.

An orginization of professionals and recovery persons presenting to women and men pathways of forgiveness, acceptance and freedom through the study of God's Holy Word and 12 step programs.



dudley-womens.JPG present to men and women an understanding of Christ's forgiveness and acceptance through the study of God's Holy Word and 12-step recovery program.


The Promise of Hope System

is a twelve month program, with evaluation for 3/4 way services. We have carefully planned the schedule so the needs of the residents are met in a manner that will allow them to be bridged back into society. We provide an environment where these sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, wives and husbands, and mothers and fathers can begin to feel worthy and loved again. Teaching them how to allow Jesus to be the ultimate authority in their lives. The foundation of the system is based on developing a personal relationship with Jesus. The education of addiction and recovery is broken down into a three phase process. We are also a work program, with the residents going to work after 30-60 days to full time employment to offset program costs.

The philosophy of TOTAL RECOVERY

Total recovery is a wheel whose hub is a personal relationship with God through Christ which produces sobriety. Many patients come directly from inpatient care while others come directly from home. To participate in our program persons must be willing to begin a new recovery lifestyle and maintain abstinence from all mood altering chemicals. This decision to stop the use is the first major decision that must be made. Throughout the program this commitment must continually be made one day at a time. Our program requires abstinence of drug and alcohol use and a parallel termination of all non-drug compulsive behaviors

Promise of Hope, Inc. creates a safe and positive atmosphere for the residents; accountability to the rules and regulations of the program help to maintain this atmosphere. The residents are responsible to work together to complete chores, take turns cooking, and are responsible for the cleanliness of their personal bed area and laundry.

The program is one of structure, teaching the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Discipline and accountability for following the rules of the program are taught. The residents are instructed on the process of becoming honest and taught communication skills. These skills help them begin to identify their feelings, not to be afraid of them and how to deal with different personalities. All of this is focused on one-day-at-a-time.

(478) 934-0774

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