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At The Arches, our focus is not only on helping our residents maintain and strengthen their recovery, but also on becoming productive members of a community. Our graduates leave The Arches with a strong foundation in the outside recovery community and a solid understanding of the skills that are necessary to live a productive life in recovery.


At The Arches, our first priority is to provide a safe, clean & sober environment to ensure the client has the best possible environment to strengthen their recovery and become productive members of a community and society.


The sober living program is designed with accountability and structure to monitor daily program requirements and assess the individuals progress within the program and also out in the real world. These structure guidelines are fundamental life skills and a basis for a solid long term recovery plan.


The recovery team is vital to solid recovery. The process of building this team is emphasized and evaluated with guidance and support throughout our program. A solid foundation of trusted advisors helps make the transition into integrated living easier and manageable.