Mary Hall Freedom House


Our mission is to free women and women with children by empowering them to break the cycle of addiction, poverty, and homelessness.

SANDY SPRINGS, GA | 770-642-5500



"As the Palm Tree stands so straight and so tall
the more the hail beats, and the more the rains fall,
the more we will bend, and withstand the storm"



Mary Hall Freedom House is...

a nationally recognized leader in gender-specific, behavioral healthcare. We have served over 3,000 women and children by utilizing best practice models of treatment, community resources, and engaging in collaborative partnerships. In addition, a dedicated Board of Directors, professional staff, community partners and volunteers have banded together to move women and women with children to sobriety and independent living.low

Emergency Housing

A 24/7 assessment center for homeless women and women with children addresses the needs of emergency situations.

Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing is designed to provide supportive living for women and women with children who have suffered from chronic homelessness, offering a safe place to rebuild their lives.

Community Housing

In Community Housing women go through the process of reintegrating back into mainstream society. It provides supportive  services for women and women with children who have transitioned from our treatment component.

Veterans Housing

Through our Veterans Housing program, our country's military veterans and veterans with families move from homelessness to permanency. Elizabeth Place, one of our six housing units, is for veterans only.

Permanent Housing

Permanent housing promotes an environment that encourages women to establish and achieve goals focused on increasing self sufficiency, improving life skills, and increasing economic stability. Mary Hall Freedom House utilizes a Housing First Model.